Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looking to the Future

I've been flying my Raven and Navy Issue Raven completely with complete T2 fittings for a while now.  The CNR is a missioning ship.  With the amount of isk I bring in I couldn't afford to use it in PvP.  Yes, I can afford to replace it, a couple of times, but being a Caldari boat with shield tanking, missiles and a high price tag doesn't make the risk vs. reward great for PvP.

So I'm starting to train up for a sniper Rohk.  This will also go to joining a corp that does more PvP.

Right now I have 2 days 4 hours left on Medium Railgun Specialization IV then I start on the 21 days of Large Hybrid Turret V.  Which will take me into Large Railgun Specialization.  I have this planned to level IV, is there any pressing need to do the 33 days of Large Railgun Specialization V?

My gunnery support skills are at 4 or 5.

I haven't really decided what I'm going to do from there.  I've got three routes to consider.

Training for Interceptors.  This would mean increasing my Navigation and tackling skills. 

Then there's training Caldari Cruisers V, which would open up HACs, and Strategic Cruisers, then with go to Battlecruisers V which would open up Command Ships.

Then I could get a bunch of support skills from 4 to 5.

And to be honest I think it just depends an where/what I want to do from here.  So far I've been a mission runner and done some manufacturing with an alt.  But I think it's about getting time for me to leave this corp that I started so I could share hangar space with my alt (the entire reason for creating it) and find a corp that I can help and be a contributing member, but that can also help me, through learning etc.

This will probably prove pretty hard for me as I'm a pretty quiet person until I get comfortable around people, so a friendly group is a good thing.

Anybody I associate with I want them to be mature and present themselves as such.  Also, I have a lot to learn in the realm of PvP and I'd need people to accept that and be able to give good feedback.  And most of all I need people that understand that real life comes first.

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