Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Toy

So, a couple of days ago I picked up a new toy. This is my new ship a Sansha Phantasm class cruiser, 'Black Angel'.

I've been using it on Level 3 missions. Working on raising my standings with Lai Dai, I want to be able to use some Level 4 Research Agents.

For mission running, this is how I'm outfitting the ship. Damage profile is Guristas.

It doesn't have the tank my Drake does (surprise, huh?) but it has better dps. I went with Beam Lasers instead of Pulse Lasers for range. And the web helps me deal with frigates.

All in all I'm pretty happy with it, even if it was a little spendy.


  1. Ever tried using it in PVP? I take it out once in a while for home defense ops around Tribute. The DPS that I can pour on with pulse lasers and faction Multifrequency crystals is astonishing. And the tank is still impressive enough to hold its own in a small engagement. All in all it is my second favorite faction cruiser, next to your Cruor (SP?).

  2. I haven't used it in PVP primarily because I don't PVP much. However, I can definitely see the benefits of this in small gang PVP.