Tuesday, July 7, 2009


After scanning the contracts from what seemed like the known universe I found what I was looking for. A used Caldari Raven Navy Issue in good condition. Only used by it's pilot on Sundays and has low mileage. Whatever. It was a decent price and i wanted it.

Located out in Sinq Liason about 16 jumps away. I could jump in a shuttle zip out there and take a look at her in a very short time. Oh there were some nearer, but generally more expensive or more beat up. Or if you buy in Jita you never know what you might end up with.

Once I got out there I fell in love with it. It's subtle color difference from the regular fleet Raven sets it apart. And when you walk on board everything is a bit more cramped from the extra shield generators, armor and reinforced structure that makes it tougher than the fleet Raven. An additonal launcher and 4 turret hardpoints make it a bit more versatile combat vessel.

After transferring the requisite amount of money into the seller's account, I boarded her and jacked in. Aura's voice told me all systems were online and ready. I sat back and thought for a minute about a name. I settled on "Lifetaker". A reference to an ancient holoreel about combat soldiers referred to as "Lifetakers and Heartbreakers".

So I paid my money and took her out for the trip back to Lonetrek. Once there I outfitted her. EFT is set for all skills at level V and for Guristas damage profile.

I was able to run the level 4 mission "Angel Extravaganza" and had absolutely no problems with this outfitting (hardeners changed out for appropriate ones of course).

So far I'm pretty happy with it. Now it has to earn its keep and make me back the money I paid for it!

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