Wednesday, June 3, 2009


<this turned out longer than I planned, please bear with me>

Demaari, Cle Demaari, you can call me Cle. *sigh* Not really sure how to start these things. I guess a cliche is as good a way as any. No? Well, you're stuck with it because I don't have a better idea. How about "It was a dark and stormy night"? There are storms in space! Solar storms...

I started EVE Online Feb 8, 2009, almost 4 months of this crack and no plans to stop.

Previously I've only played 2 other MMOs. WoW and LoTRO. I played WoW for 3 years, finally got burned out as there just wasn't anything to do other than raid or level another char. As for LoTRO, well, I played it for a few hours and decided it wasn't for me.

EVE started out frustrating. Surprised? LOL But over time got easier and the more I learned how to do things the more interesting it got and the more I learned how to do.

I've had a few hard lessons. Moa's are lumbering beasts and you'd better pay attention when you're being pounded by Guristas. Wait too late to warp out and you're toast. Oh, and it's expensive for a new player to replace when you've forgotten to insure it. That hurt, but I had enough (barely) and got back on the horse.

Shortly thereafter I had my first and so far only (yeah, I'm a carebear, but I hear the siren song of the pirate now and then) encounter at pvp. This got my replaement Moa blown up because I was inexperienced and didn't know what I was doing. It was insured this time, but it was a blow that made me almost consider quitting. Didn't though.

Initially I was just running missions. Pretty much like doing quest after quest in WoW. But I could see that there was many more options that were open.

So, I've been doing some trading. Have a couple of items that make me a fairly consistant million or so isk profit a day for 15 minutes of work. And I'm starting on industry and training an alt, or as Mynxee puts it, a business partner for invention skills.

Industry in high sec is also frustrating. Very few research slots open. At least in Lonetrek. Manufacturing slots aren't that hard to find.

A while ago I started my own corporation called White Mice. This was entirely for organizational purposes. So I could share items with my alt and also to be able to have tabs to organize equipment, minerals, blueprints, etc.

That's me so far.

Future plans are to get a bit more involved in industry, exploration, pvp, and who knows what else.

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